Our Clients

Our Clients


Blvck Genesis is a collection of 9,999 Blvck avatar NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. With hundreds of artistic elements, high fashion traits and monochrome aesthetics, each graphic is crafted by Julian O'hayon, French designer and founder of global lifestyle brand, Blvck Paris.


IVY BOYS is a collection of 7,777 utility-enabled PFPs. Each IVY BOY and IVY GIRL programmatically generated from thousands of possible traits, including headwear, clothing, and more. All IVY BOYS are unique, but some are rarer than others.


8,888 NFTs of beautiful, Asian women painstakingly-crafted where even the most intricate details are steeped in historical significance. Envision to be a global, inclusive community that brings together members who share admiration for Asian cultures. 8SIAN represent, educate and building a lasting presence in the NFT space.

9 Tales

9tales is a play-and-earn Card Game in development. Game art by Ubisoft Artist, game design by Magic and Poker pros, Tokenomics by researchers and math PhD. These NFTs will be avatars in the 9tales TCG game. They will give huge benefits in its economy ecosystem.


ETHX AI is a collection of 2,222 unique, high-fashion AI characters on the Ethereum Blockchain, a brand new art, fashion, metaverse & utility centric NFT collection, featuring high quality, hand painted art by talented artists. ETHX is known for its positive and uplifting community, 100% free and passive staking system to accrue $ETHX Tokens.


Miniverse is an NFT collection created by TOM company to bring “home” for its holders as a place to grow and express themselves in the Web3 space. Each NFT is a 3D Animated Snow Globes With LoFi Music Vibe 🔮

Beat Bots

Bringin' back the '90s through a web-based interactive experience.
Genesis Beat Bots will grant exclusive access to RoboWorld and the Beat Bots ecosystem.

Odin Defi

Odin DeFi Protocol aims to being a decentralized exchange that allows safe exchange of assets based on the Elrond Network and offer staking services. $ODIN is the utility token of the Odin ecosystem and can be used on the Odin DEX and to access exclusive features on the Odin ecosystem.

Our Services

Our Services

NFT Launch Services

We provide personalized one-to-one support to understand your project and build end-to-end solutions that include metadata management, Artwork generation, QA/QC, Randomization for fair distribution, NFT platform's database, and project launch support.

Decentralised Application

We provide various personalized theme Dapp support like Gas free Staking dapp, Nft Marketplace, Gift Shop for Raffles and Giveaways, Merch Shop with Merch Pass, F2A Vault, Nft Renting, Nft Leveling, Defi, Liquidity Pools, Advanced Smart Contracts, etc. that help collections boost their collection reach across the market.

Smart Contract Development

One to One discussions to understand your objectives, suggesting the possible solutions and creating/customising the safest smart contracts to make your idea turn into reality.

Design Support

It includes understanding your projects, deciding the unified theme, wireframing, and constant feedback system to design user interfaces with the best user experience for contributing to the digital world around us.



We started as a Web2 service studio, providing end-to-end solutions for projects with our team of Developers and Designers. Everything was going well, and then the revolution happened.. yes, the WEB3!

Everyone was talking about Crypto and NFTs, and we realized how potential this space is, so we decided to tighten our seat belts to dive into this adventurous journey where everything is more secured, safe, easy, and definitely accessible.

We have already collaborated with some big names in this industry (got some happy smiling and astonishing faces) and work really hard every day to bring you the product you want.